Dating-App Bumble: Börsengang macht Gründerin zur jüngsten Selfmade-Milliardärin

Translating… Beim Bumble-Börsengang hatte Gründerin Whitney Wolfe Herd (Mitte) viel Grund zur Freude. (Foto: 15.02.2021, 10:30 Uhr Gerade keine Zeit? Jetzt speichern und später lesen Hinweis: Wir haben in diesem Artikel Provisions-Links verwendet und sie durch “*” gekennzeichnet. Erfolgt über diese Links eine Bestellung, erhält eine Provision. Whitney Wolfe Herd ist 31 Jahre … Read more

این افراد مشهور اعتراف می کنند که از برنامه های دوست یابی استفاده کرده اند!

Translating… Continue Here » Have you ever seen a celebrity on a dating app? Well, many of them are on there! There are several celebrities who have admitted over the years to using, Tinder, OK Cupid, Raya, and more dating apps. Can you believe Zac Efron was on Tinder – and he even revealed … Read more

Would you apply for these weird-titled jobs?

Along with the move toward more inspiring, colourful workplaces, job titles are getting stranger by the day. (Rawpixel pic) Nobody wants to be a clerk or an “associate” anymore! Employers and employees are seeking more inspiring, colourful workplaces — and with this comes more job advertisements for “ninjas”, “wizards”, and “gurus”. But what do these … Read more

بررسی واقعیت: این 11 مدیرعامل در طول بیماری همه گیر COVID-19 کناره گیری کردند

Translating… The claim: Nineteen big-name CEOs stepped down during the COVID-19 pandemic With the world’s eyes on the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, some fear that other big news stories have slipped between the cracks. A Facebook post claims that amid the COVID-19 media frenzy, 19 big-name CEOs stepped down without the public noticing. The post was shared … Read more