Tinder تابستان این چت های ویدیویی یک به یک را اضافه می کند


As The Verge notes, video chat would be one of the app’s biggest feature launches. It’s a huge undertaking for Tinder, seeing as it has as many as 50 million users worldwide who would potentially use the feature to talk to matches before meeting them in person. In addition to dealing with the technical aspect of the feature, Tinder may also have to deploy new safety measures tailored for video chats.

In addition to announcing the upcoming feature, Match Group has revealed that it’s “seen a noticeable increase in activity among users, especially those under the age of 30, across all of [its] brands and all geographies” since the outbreak. Users have also been sending more messages and engaging in longer conversations, which doesn’t exactly come as a surprise considering most people are staying at home.

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